Paramaribo City Tour more_vert
*$42 AUD Book
Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, featuring numerous wooden buildings of unique architecture and a variety of hospitable ethnic groups, living together in harmony. First the guide will take you on a bus ride along the most prominent historic locations in the city center and then he will take you to visit other hot spots in different suburbs.

Our guide will pick you up by bus and our tour will past the most important monumental buildings and streets of the city.
You will see the Presidential Palace, the Museum Fort Zeelandia and the Corner House.

You will be amazed by the unique architecture. You will also visit the synagogue that is located right next to the mosque, a unique sight especially in modern times.

This bus ride will continue to southern Paramaribo, along the central market, the Kwakoe Statue, the living area Abra Broki, home to the average working class.

Then we head north where the upper-middle class lives and we will pass the residence of one of Suriname’s wealthiest men.

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Browns-Mountain Day Trip from Paramaribo more_vert
*$101 AUD Book
The Brownsmountain day-tour in Suriname is a really nice way to enjoy the interior. This is an all-in tour complete with a small breakfast, snacks, fruit, guide, transportation, non-alcoholic drinks and park-fees. There is a hike towards two beautiful waterfalls and a really nice view over the professor Blommenstein reservoir. This tour is the most popular day tours in Suriname. There is a big chance to spot wildlife on the mountain while hiking. There is also a nice little bar on the top of the mountain, for those who don't want to hike and want to relax with the owner named: "Rocky". The hiker will visit the Leo and Irene-waterfalls so make sure you take your swim suite and get beautiful pictures under the waterfalls.

Your day will start at 8:30am with a pickup in a centrally located point on a small air-conditioned minivans.
At 9:30am your first stop and small breakfast (you can choose out of bread or local food) near the Suralco-powerplant, old bauxiet-mining plant. 9:45am we'll get back in the minivan to continue our ride heading Browsmountain over the Afobaka-road, while the guide explains the history of the road.
Arrival on Brownsweg (multiple village on the foot of the Brownsmountain) at 11am, the guide will tell us about these transmigration villages, and how government moved the villagers from where now the Blommenstein-reservoir is now days.
From here we start on an in-paived road of 13 kilometers towards the top of the 504 meter high Browns-mountain where we should arrive at 11:45am.

At midday we will start hiking after seeing the view over the Blommenstein-reservoir and getting something to drink and a few snacks handed out by the guide.
At 1pm we visit the first waterfall - the Leo Falls - while spotting wild life on the path towards it.
Our second waterfall visit is at 2pm - the Irene Falls (only for the people with a good health-condition).
At 3:30pm arrival again at the top, for a good earned Surinamese lunch and drinks from the local restaurant called "Rocky".
Our departure from the mountain will be at 4:15pm and we should be back at the starting point by 6pm when your tour finishes.

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ATV Quad and Zipline Tour from Paramaribo more_vert
*$115 AUD Book

Do you dare to join the most populair and adventurous daytour in Suriname!? A 3.5 hour guided-tour (selfdriving) by 550CC ATV/Quads through the jungle, savanna, small kreeks, bauxietroads, bauxietmines and mud. Ready to get dirty! Also included in this day tour, is the longest zip-line (canopy) from Suriname, experience the real jungle like a real Tarzan. Fruit, drinks, snacks, lunch and free transportation from and towards Paramaribo are included.

From Paramaribo you get pickup up at 8.30am by our free minibus from our meeting location. In a full-airconditioned minibus we drive 25 kilometers southbound towards the resort "Parabello". We arrive around 9.30am to meet our guides from Parabello.

The first activity on our program today is the ZIP-line (Canopy). This ZIP-line is the longest line in Suriname. The guides will give you safety instructions and guide you trough a test-course. Helmets and (safety) materials are included. Maximum weight per person is 90 kilo. This activity has a duration of approximately 1.5hr. No open shoes or slippers allowed.

Around 1pm, after we are finished with the zip-line, we will serve the included lunch and drinks. Now there is also time to swim a little in the fresh-water-lake around Parabello, with its black colored water (so called cola water). The lunch will take about an hour. 

After the lunch we start at 2pm with our ATV / Quad, adventure. We drive around 3 hours. The ATV's / Quads (550 CC) are fully-automatic. No experience, no problem. Our guides will help you, safety is number one. We drive with two people per ATV / Quad, on our way we meet small bush / jungle-roads, bauxiet roads and a lot of mud. You will get dirty. So wear appropriate clothing, long sleeves, long pants, no slippers, no open shoe-wear. The guide will drive in front, setting the speed.

At 5:00pm we arrive back after the nice drive, pack our stuff and then start our way back to Paramaribo, arrival time is around 6pm.

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