Population: 1,383(2006 Census)
Postcode: 3608
  • 122 km (76 mi) from Melbourne
  • 53 km (33 mi) from Shepparton
  • Local Government Area: Shire of Strathbogie
    State District: Benalla 
    Federal Division: Indi
    In and around Nagambie:
    Kirwans Bridge Wahring Arcadia South
    Tooborac Nagambie Longwood
    Hilldene Seymour Avenel

    Nagambie is a town in Victoria, Australia, located on the Goulburn Valley Highway, north of Seymour, in the Shire of Strathbogie. At the 2006 census, Nagambie had a population of 1,383.

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    Skydive Nagambie is the only skydiving center in Victoria which will take you to 15,000 feet. By climbing to this extreme altitude, you get double the freefall time. You'll experience up to 60 seconds of freefall and travel at speeds in excess of 200 kph. If you have purchased the high definition video or photo options, a camera person will accompany you and your tandem instructor on the dive filming this incredible experience for you to treasure and show friends and family (purchasable direct).

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    • $299.00
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    • flight_takeoff Nagambie
    • flight_land Victoria