Population: 22,475 (2006)
Established: 19th century
Postcode: 3121
Area: 3.8 km (1.5 sq mi)
Location: 3 km (2 mi) from Melbourne
Local Government Area: City of Yarra
State District: Richmond
Federal Division: Melbourne
In and around Richmond:
Collingwood Abbotsford Kew
East Melbourne Richmond Hawthorn
Cremorne South Yarra Burnley

Richmond is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km south-east from Melbourne's central business district. Its Local Government Area is the City of Yarra. At the 2006 Census, Richmond had a population of 22,475.

Richmond has three of the 82 designated Major Activity Centres in the Melbourne 2030 Metropolitan Strategy - the commercial strips of Victoria Street, Bridge Road and Swan Street.

The diverse suburb has been the subject of gentrification since the early 1990s and now contains an eclectic mix of expensively converted warehouse residences, public housing high-rise flats and Victorian-era terrace houses, along with a lively retail sector and a shrinking industrial and manufacturing base. Richmond has a vibrant and popular Little Saigon area along Victoria Street. Richmond was home to the Nine Network studios, under the callsign of GTV-9, until the studios moved to Docklands in 2011. Dimmey's is long associated with Richmond, although it is located in the neighbouring suburb of Cremorne. The suburb is well known for its textile industry history and popular factory outlets centred along Bridge Road remain an attraction to the area.

Richmond was named after Richmond Hill, London, with its outlook of the river bend, however the waterfront area was later named Cremorne.

Richmond is home to the four houses being used on the 2011 edition of The Block airing on Channel 9 later this year.

Indian Cooking Class Master more_vert
$165.00 AUD Book
From the Portuguese-influenced cuisine of Goa to the wonderful sweets of Bengal, Indian cuisine has multiple regional variations, but is generally characterized by perfect spice and flavor combinations. 
You will learn to identify these spices, along with shopping and storing tips.  You will understand about ghee, the clarified butter that is key to Indian cooking, and two kinds of masala spice blends. 
Your Indian Cooking Classes in Melbourne menu will consist of taste of India and Indian Cooking master Class.
• Learn the fundamentals of Indian cooking ingredients, spices and flavours
• How to create the Indian recipes yourself and to your palette
• Cooking tips, tricks and techniques
• Intimate class sizes in a fun and social setting

Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov
Our most popular class features signature Butter Chicken, a rich and creamy dish from northern India with succulent morsels of boneless chicken cooked in a smooth, velvety yogurt sauce with cream and aromatic spices. You also make vegetarian curry dish with cauliflowers and peas, salad and rice plus naan bread.
• Butter Chicken, a restaurant favourite you can make at home!
• Rogan josh - lamb curry of Persian origin, now popular in the Kashmir area
• Aloo Gobi, Cauliflower and Potato Curry with Peas
• Saffron Basmati Rice Pullao
• Handmade Naan bread with garlic and corriander
Feb Ap Jun Aug Oct Dec
Explore food of North India and food of South India in this cooking class. You will see climate, culture and food changes from each of these regions of India. You also learn these differences in cooking styles, techniques and flavour profile, this delicious cultural journey is for you right here. We will make cashew vegetable curry - a north Indian layered rice dish of marinated vegetables in aromatic spices. Famous from the south comes traditional Vindaloo, morsels of chicken simmered in a sweet, sour and hot sauce, tempered with curry leaves plus more...Enjoy with meal, a cooling Indian spiced refreshing drink to round out this delicious meal. Get a taste of both the north and the south in this adventurous class!
• Beef Vindaloo 
• Tandori Chicken
• North India's Vegetable & Cashew Biryani 
• South Indian Warm mildly spiced Carrot & Cabbage Salad
• Handmade Sesame Garlic Naan piping hot!
• Festive Rice
Vegetarians are welcome. Please contact us for a vegetarian substitute.

  • $165.00
  • query_builder 3 hours
  • flight_takeoff Richmond
  • flight_land Victoria

Dumpling Making Party more_vert
$109.00 AUD Book
For things to do in Melbourne, you can't get more immersed in food culture than the Dumplings Party. Learning to make dumplings is a true culinary escapade with beginning with making the perfect dough then learn how to shape your best dumplings, get inspiration for composing your gourmet Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese menus. You will be making pork, chicken, beef or vegetarian dumplings. You will learn to shape different types of dumplings. 

Do you love dumplings but don't know where to begin your Dumpling Party? This cooking class will take the mystery out of dumplings for you and your party. Great for shorter meet up and learn and cook and enjoy other company. The dumpling class is perfect for your weekend visit to Melbourne or locals to learn new skills
• This hands on dumpling making experience lasts for 2 to 2.5hours
• Enjoy a complimentary refresher drink on arrival 
• Demonstration and dumpling making and learn how to fold your favourite dumplings
• Cook your dumplings
• Sit and eat together at the end with a glass of sparkling wine

  • $109.00
  • query_builder 2 hours
  • flight_takeoff Richmond
  • flight_land Victoria

Ultimate Vegan Cooking 5 Day Workshop more_vert
$1635.00 AUD Book
Join us with this plant based cooking class to discover the smell, touch, taste and flavour profile of Asian Cookings from India to Japan. Take home your best vegetarian meal plans and cook up delicious regional vegetarian and vegan dishes in five inspiring cooking classes. Combine the traditional vegetarian foods and vegan food understanding with spending time with your chef to perfect your home cooking to its best.

This intensive course spans over 5 lessons, hosted by experienced chefs with Asian cuisine. A large proportion of this workshop’s content is “structural cooking”, how to take a concept and apply this across the board to include ingredients, flavours and textures in order to multiply recipes. The kitchen skills such making soups, protein, noodles, dumplings and stir frying are all part of the workshop experience and advanced food preparation skills and most up to date techniques and ingredients are included in the workshop. Cooking vegetarian cuisine does require some more thought over traditional cooking and sometimes needs a dimension of extra creativity. 
You will expose to core techniques in the plant-based kitchen, this experience will allow you to explore and practice a variety of recipes and flavours from the region. The course begins with learning how to set-up a home kitchen so get you started cooking right away. A full introduction to core techniques for cooking vegetables, grains, legumes, and meat and dairy alternatives of plant-based foods and flavour principles. The course also covers some raw food techniques and addresses health supportive cooking with no oil, low sodium, and gluten free options.
This workshop is designed for anyone who enjoys either cooking at home to a high standard and is interested in a thorough grounding on vegetarian or for aspiring chefs or chefs already working in the industry who are looking to expand their vegetarian repertoire. You will be learning 60 recipes out of the menu list below.
Cooking vegetarian does mean expanding your creative mind. Given the intensity of this course, it is limited to 8-10 delegates only.
• You can start the course any time but we prefer you to start with the Day 1 or Lesson 1 to get our kitchen orientation. If you have done any of our class before then it should be okay to join in. We will run from Lesson 1 to Lesson 5.
• You can do a minimum of 3 lesson or day course out of 5 lesson or day  course. Please indicate in the booking which day/lesson you will be attending.
• We run the class on Victoria school holiday only. You can book this course for private cooking with minimum of 4 people.

  • $1635.00
  • query_builder 5 days
  • flight_takeoff Richmond
  • flight_land Victoria